Free Tibet

Free Tibet

Due to the brutal, torturous & continuous Chinese communist overthrow that began in Tibet in 1950, 33% of all income from MysticPetalRose will be donated to Free Tibet as a means to cultivate global awareness on this issue. All donations are sent through,, &, three commonly known sources of valuable & helpful work for Native Tibetans.


Before 1950, The vast & peaceful beauty of Tibetan culture was centered around nonviolence and ruled through the spiritual & political leader of the Dalai Lama. For more than 70 years now, Chinese communists have overthrown this Buddhist nation with some of the worst human rights abuses known in the world today. Native Tibetans have been forced from their own land, stripped of their nomadic nature, impoverished with little to no access of education & health care and threatened with imprisonment & torture for the support of their organic leader the Dalai Lama. Without any physical means to defend themselves, Native Tibetans who speak out against the harsh regime face prison sentences & brutal torture. Even the simplest human right of free speech is looked down upon in the now communist controlled Tibet; peaceful protests by natives can easily be seen as a threat to the Chinese communists & are handled by means of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual abuse. Ancient & sacred monasteries are continually being burned down by the Chinese as a way to erase Tibetan culture & force the natives into communism. 

In 1959, The Dalai Lama and over 100,000 refugees began their journey over the Himalaya Mountains to escape these harsh environments in fear of their own well being. Traveling over 900 miles by foot, India opened its arms to native Tibetans as a safe haven for their ancient practices & ways of life. 

For many reasons known & unknown, The rest of the world has kept out of this Tibetan genocide due to Chinese influence on the united nations, world trade, etc. Now it is up to the people.

Please feel free to check out the websites listed below for more facts & information on current events in Tibet & how you can help.


Tibet; Beyond Fear Documentary

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