MysticPetalRose is one woman business hand crafted by my self, Rachel Harris. Since 2015, I've been exploring one of a kind art through a multitude of mediums beginning with a passion of working with oil & acrylic paint. From intertwining visual arts & the meditation of symbology, a desire to craft wearable talismans ignited shift in my artistic creations & I began hand crafting one of a kind jewelry. In Autumn of 2021, my desire to deepen my knowledge brought me to the New Approach School for Jewelers in Arrington, Tennessee where I graduated as a certified Bench Jeweler. Through working with organic materials from earth such as a precious metals & stones, My intention is to intertwine the harmonious energies of nature & the beauty of jewelry as one. 
From creating visionary art, to digital prints & hand paintings, to wire weaving & metalsmithing, my love for creating one of a kind art continuously unravels into an ever expanding exploration of expression. Crafted in my home studio, Each piece offered is mindfully created in small collections with love & intention. 


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